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The advisors for the Neurobiology Major are committed to providing students with first-rate guidance through the major to graduation and beyond. Most students are ready to declare a major by the end of the 3rd or 4th semester.

If you are interested in declaring the Neurobiology Major, you must first make an appointment to meet with an advisor. It is not permitted to declare both the Neurobiology major and the Biology major.

Our advisors are assigned by students last name.

Students with last names beginning with A-Kh, see Bob Wiedenhoeft.
Students with last names beginning with Ki-N, see Catherine Auger.
Students with last names beginning with O-Z, see India Viola.

To schedule an advising appointment, use the Starfish link under each advisor photo below.


Meet our Neurobiology Advisors

Catherine Auger_Neurobiology Director

Catherine Auger, PhD (she/her)
Birge Hall, Rm B156
430 Lincoln Drive
Schedule an appointment: Starfish

India Viola_Neurobiology Advisor

India Viola, PhD (she/her and they/them)
Birge Hall, Rm 244
430 Lincoln Drive
Schedule an appointment: Starfish

Bob Wiedenhoeft, M.S (he/his)
Birge Hall, Rm 151
430 Lincoln Drive
Schedule an appointment: Starfish