Students walk across the North Park Street pedestrian overpass bridge

Welcome to the Neurobiology Major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

The Neurobiology Major in the Department of Integrative Biology is an interdisciplinary major with the goal of preparing students for professional degrees or to move on into the job market. This major is designed for students interested in understanding how the brain functions to control behavior and physiology, as well as, how neuroscience integrates with a wide range of disciplines. UW-Madison is a leading research university with more than 90 faculty engaged in neuroscience research. Undergraduate students in our major will have access to these faculty members in formal classroom environments and through undergraduate research opportunities. The study of the brain and how it controls behavior has expanded rapidly in recent decades due to advances in a variety of STEAM fields. The neurobiology major is a rapidly growing major that provides students with a strong background in basic science and mathematics, plus upper level study in cutting-edge neuroscience topics.