Undergraduate Neuroscience Society

The Undergraduate Neuroscience Society (UNS) is a student-led organization promoting education, research, and outreach in neuroscience. Our members are primarily neurobiology students, but the organization is open to anyone interested in neuroscience. We have meetings every other Thursday where a researcher presents on their work. These are great for anyone interested in learning about current research in neurobiology! Topics range from sleep to neurodegeneration to stem cell therapy. We have outreach opportunities, where we partner with the Neuroscience Training Program (NTP) to volunteer at school and community science events. This is great for anyone looking to volunteer, teach, and see kids get excited about brains! Finally, UNS provides a supportive environment to talk about careers and gain valuable insights about class options and getting into Lab Research.
UNS is a fun and engaging organization dedicated to providing opportunities for our members to interact with neuroscience. We hope to see you all at meetings!

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